About Us

About Us

The John E. Fetzer Memorial Trust preserves the vision of John E. Fetzer in collaboration with the John E. Fetzer Institute. We support the spiritual and scientific foundations of that vision and conduct programs including:

  • Documenting the life and spiritual legacy of John E. Fetzer.
  • Conducting the Fetzer Franklin Fund science program.
  • Supporting inner practice.

The Trust

The John E. Fetzer Memorial Trust is a private non-operating foundation. It is registered as a non-profit corporation in the State of Michigan.

The Trust only funds pre-selected projects, and does not fund unsolicited requests. For more information, please contact Bruce Fetzer, President at info@fetzertrust.org.


Louis Leeberg


Lou Leeburg is an independent business consultant in Phoenix, Arizona  Read More +

Bruce Fetzer

President & CEO

Bruce Fetzer is President, CEO and a trustee of the Fetzer Memorial Trust  Read More +

Michael Gergely

VP Secretary & Legal Advisor

Mike Gergely has 45 years of experience in trial litigation  Read More +

Thomas Beaver

Senior Advisor for Founder‘s Legacy

Tom is a trustee of the John E. Fetzer Memorial Trust  Read More +

Jan Walleczek, PHD

Fetzer Franklin Science Director

Jan Walleczek Ph.D. is Director of the Fetzer Franklin Fund  Read More +

Bruce Carlson, MD, PHD

Bruce Carlson is professor emeritus at the University of Michigan  Read More +

Jeremy Waletzky, MD

Senior Advisor for Founder‘s Legacy

Jeremy Waletzky is a psychopharmacologist specializing in the treatment of patients with mood disorders  Read More +


Robert Lehman 1991-2014


Frances Vaughan PhD 2011-2017


Rev. Jimyo L. Ferworn, M.B.A.

Manager, Finance and Grants

Mail correspondence to:

John E. Fetzer Memorial Trust
P.O. Box 117
Vicksburg, MI 49097
(269) 679-5334